Amplifying Additive’s Potential in Orthopedics

additive is expected to play a growing role in the ongoing evolution of more personalized and bespoke medical treatment. today, it is used for a wide range of orthopedic implants and is helping designers and specialists reimagine medical instruments and equipment.

Arcam EBM Q10plus

Meet the machine designed specifically for the medical industry

红包扫雷数字哪个高the q10plus is a metal additive manufacturing machine that uses electron beam melting technology for manufacturing of medical parts. utilizing a high-temperature vacuum environment allows for the processing of reactive materials and reduces residual stresses and porosity. the unique stacking ability of the arcam ebm q10plus maximizes the capacity of the build chamber and enables efficient production of orthopedic parts.


move over prototyping – additive production is here! 5 tips for a successful transition  

Spinal Implants Whitepaper

from powders to spinal cage production: added value for spinal implants through additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Industry Outcomes

  1. Automotive

    HRE Wheels is revolutionizing the wheel with additive manufacturing

  2. Lifestyle

    Callaway Golf Company is breaking the mold by redesigning putter heads with Additive Manufacturing

    Callaway Golf Company, a leading manufacturer of high-performance golf equipment, has signed a consultancy agreement with GE Additive’s AddWorks team to help it harness the potential of additive manufacturing. The first project resulting from the agreement is a redesigned Odyssey R-Ball Prototype putter head. Odyssey is Callaway Golf’s putter brand and the #1 Putter in Golf®.

  3. Aerospace

    GE is building engines with 3d printed parts for next-gen Cessna Denali

    in developing the advanced turboprop engine for cessna’s new aircraft, ge started the design with additive technologies in mind. the result is an engine that eliminates more than 800 conventionally manufactured parts, significantly reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency.

  4. Manufacturing

    Increasing manufacturing and operating efficiencies through additive component redesign and production.

    红包扫雷数字哪个高ge additive has been working closely with an automotive parts team at bosch in bamberg, germany to redesign an integral engine component using additive manufacturing to improve process and operational efficiencies.

  5. Consumer Electronics

    Flextronics engineers in China use additive to design new conformal cooling channels

    Flextronics Manufacturing has been using a Concept Laser M2 cusing Multilaser machine for over a year to metal 3D print structural components for consumer electronics just 1.5 mm wide, accelerating device cooling by more than 20%.

  6. Food & Beverage

    Spare parts on demand for the beverage industry using 3D metal printing

    Jung & Co. Gerätebau GmbH, a specialist in stainless steel components, relies on Additive Manufacturing to ensure that spare parts for beverage filling plants are available more quickly.
  7. Medical

    Redesigning medical instruments using 3D metal printing

    Additive manufacturing methods of 3D printing are increasingly opening up new paths in medical technology. Alex Berry, founder of Sutrue (UK), and Richard Trimlett, consultant at the Royal Brompton Hospital, are focusing strategically on AM for applications in cardiology.
  8. Oil & Gas

    GE Oil & Gas uses 3D printing in futuristic Talamona plant

    For GE Oil & Gas applications, additive technology has facilitated the development of finely tuned designs for the combustor swirler – the part that mixes fuel into the burner. Originally constructed from four externally sourced components, the additive process enables the part to be printed in one piece, making it stronger and more reliable.

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